Our Wellness Retreat: The Lodge at Woodloch

Our Wellness Retreat: The Lodge at Woodloch

Wellness is a big goal for us this year. We’re realizing that the older we get the more important health and wellness becomes. Especially for me (as an old mom!) because I want to be around to see as much of my kid’s life as I can! After the holidays, we decided to make a quick getaway to our favorite wellness retreat, The Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

Woodloch is a magical place. From the moment you arrive you’re absorbed by rural beauty and a zen-like calm. It’s an easy two hour drive from New York City with lots of options if you need to stop along the way.

Every trip we take to Woodloch we make a point of using the spa. The services at the spa are some of the best I’ve ever gotten. They can put any Manhattan spa to shame. This time around we decided to try a new Deep Relief massage where the therapists use Russian massage techniques and arnica balm to get to the root of all knots and kinks. I wish I could get one of these weekly! When we’re not getting a spa treatment, we’re taking advantage of all Woodloch has to offer especially in the fitness area. This time we incorporated some of their guided meditation classes. There’s nothing more soothing than watching snow-covered pine trees swaying in the breeze while you’re meditating.

The beauty of a resort like this is you can do as much or as little as you like. I amped up my fitness routine while MC used the time to read and relax. When we weren’t in our gym shoes we were in our slippers cozied up by the fire.

Meals are included in your rate. Dining at Woodloch offers a ton of variety with delicious fare and a decent wine list.

Aside from food, fitness and spa Woodloch offers lectures, classes, hikes, you name it. It’s five star all the way and is perfect for a kid-free getaway where you can tune in to your partner and yourself.

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