My Face, My Fraxel

My Face, My Fraxel

I have been lucky with skin as far as faces go. My mom has the best skin and even at 78 she’s barely wrinkled. Every time I go to the dermatologist I complain that I want to look younger, firmer, etc., etc. I give my doctor credit for humoring me with my whining. About a year ago we discussed Fraxel, a laser treatment that helps reduce fine lines, minimize age spots and erase sun damage. Never one to jump at a procedure of any kind, I took the next logical step and told my husband about it. Michael had been dealing with some sunspots that never seemed to go away with standard laser treatment so he decided to try Fraxel. This of course was all part of master plan, see how he handled it and decide if I was brave enough to try it. MC does not have a high tolerance for pain but he seemed to cope with his Fraxel pretty well and honestly, his skin looked great! The Fraxel got rid of those pesky spots AND he looked fresher and, wait for it, younger. Yay! I was in!

The prep for the procedure was a little intense. It involved a shot in the butt for some fast acting aspirin to reduce pain. It was a flashback for me to IVF. Ugh, the pain of the needle going into muscle. Ouch! Then a dose of Valtrex to prevent cold sores, then the numbing cream.

Thanks to the numbing cream, I felt nothing. The Fraxel laser was quick and painless. Post procedure I felt and looked fine. I even managed to go to a Mom’s Night for school in the East Village. At the bar, a few of us bonded over Fraxel. One mom joked that I looked fine now but by tomorrow I would be “man down”. Boy was she right! Standing in the back of the overheated bar my face was starting to feel hot, as if I had a really, really, really bad sunburn. By the next morning, my face was bright red.

The days after that the flaking started and just kept going, and going, and going. I coped with a Cetaphil moisturizer with SPF 50, a big hat, dark sunglasses and never really looking at anyone directly. Roughly 6 days after my treatment, I was back to normal. And I couldn’t count the number of compliments I got on my skin. It was baby’s bottom smooth, plumper (in a good way!) and completely radiant. I will definitely make a Fraxel treatment part of my annual face maintenance. It is pricey, expect to pay at least $1,000 but it is so worth it. Take it from my face!

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  1. Mom
    June 18, 2017 / 12:11 pm

    I enjoy reading you articles.
    You are now glowing.

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