Our Itinerary: A London Weekend for Two

Our Itinerary: A London Weekend for Two

This July, we had a chance at a long London Weekend for two! I’ve been to London many times and each trip has been unique. My very first trip to Europe was a long weekend in London. I went while I was a junior at NYU and my best friend was doing a year abroad. I remember flying overnight and seeing how cool the sky looked as we flew from darkness into the morning. It was almost as if you could see a line between day and night. This time around, I woke up to capture that very moment.

Doing London on a student’s budget was way different than doing it on a grown up’s. Back then it was a lot of pub food, curries, tube rides and visits to free museums. If I had to choose, visiting London as a salaried adult is much more fun! MC was in the midst of a 2-week business trip so we decided to meet midway in London. It was the 2nd time we’d been to London on our own so we were able to skip a lot of the touristy stuff and just enjoy our time in the city – eating, drinking and shopping. The triumvirate of travel to do’s! The last time the two of us were alone in London, we went to a Cure concert. This time, the big treat was a trip to Wimbledon to see the Women’s Finals! Little did I know that at Wimbledon they open up available tickets for lottery the day before the match. Somehow, MC scored a pair. It was a first and a dream come true for me!

Venus’ first serve

Another first, bargain shopping! London is so expensive, it’s hard to score any kind of deal so I’m not really sure how we managed this. I scored a pair of Frame jeans (love!) for $60 at Harvey Nichols and at Duty Free in Heathrow I bought Lancome mascara and a Tom Ford lipstick for the price of a single Tom Ford lipstick at Saks or Bloomies! I suppose the moral of the story is if you’re bargain hunting, no matter where you are you have to stick with it and eventually you’ll find it!

Here are a few more pics of our trip…

Champagne at Wimbledon

Drinks at Dishoom

Beet salad at Kitty Fisher’s

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