Our Itinerary: Anniversary Trip to Bermuda

Our Itinerary: Anniversary Trip to Bermuda

When planning our 5th Anniversary trip we were all over the place in terms of where to go. I was rooting for Barcelona but MC was about to head off to Europe for business travel in July and another trip overseas seemed daunting. We also considered Turks & Caicos, where we got engaged and where we celebrated our 1st Anniversary. From what I’ve read, once a couple hits the five-year mark they’re no longer considered newlyweds. With the newness was out of our marriage (ha!) we opted for new in terms of travel and chose Bermuda. Here’s the recap of our anniversary trip to Bermuda.

The wins: Bermuda is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever visited. The architecture and color of the homes was captivating, as was the beautifully manicured flowers, plants and trees. The residents were so nice and the service level was extremely high at all of the restaurants. I went into this with low expectations for food and I was pleasantly surprised by how good the food actually was. Food is a huge component of all of our trips so I was very pleased with how our meals and dining experiences turned out.

Many of our meals were at the hotel restaurants, which are open to the public, and each meal outdid the one prior. Our favorite spot was the Waterlot Inn where we had our anniversary dinner. The restaurant was established in the 1600s so it had tons of charm and character. There was also a more casual dockside restaurant that we’ll try next time we visit. Marcus’ restaurant at the Hamilton Princess hotel was the polar opposite of the Waterlot. The food at Marcus’ was great and it’s always a hoot for me to go to a restaurant by one of the chefs I know from Food Network! The scene though was a little Vegas-y/Atlantic City-ish, which is fine if that’s what you’re going for. Rounding out the wins is the beach. The sand is really pink! Who knew? The water had amazing tones of blue and green and was so clean and warm. It was just perfect!

For a weekend in Bermuda, can there really be any losses? So let’s call this the drawback: The biggest and only drawback was that there were tons of kids at our resort. We couldn’t use the pool because it was overrun. Hotel breakfast was also overrun with screaming babies and their very loud parents.

I wish we had spent more time walking around Hamilton and the shopping area on Front Street. We underestimated the time we needed to truly explore that area and the bustling pubs and shops. Another excuse to make another trip someday!

Where We Stayed: The Rosewood Tucker’s Point

Where We Ate: The Point, Sur Mer, The Waterlot Inn, Hog Penny Pub, Marcus’, Tucker’s Bar, Sul Verde

Where We Drank: Tucker’s Bar

Where We Shopped: Front Street, Hamilton Parrish

Things We Did: Beach, eat, sleep, repeat


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