Fall Fashion Must Haves for Busy Moms

Fall Fashion Must Haves for Busy Moms

Fall fashion is everywhere right now. With all this choice, how do you find a wardrobe that suits your multi-faceted life? As working moms there is no end to the roles we have to fill. On any given day I can start out taking my son to school, then facilitating a big meeting and finally having a date night or a girls night. The fashion unicorn is the single outfit that can take you from a hectic morning to a serious meeting to a fun night on the town. Moms, you know why I’m calling this the unicorn! Now, I in no way consider myself a fashion expert. I am simply someone who knows what I like, what looks good on me and how to shop in my own closet. On the very rare occasion that I put a little money toward some new clothing it’s on pieces that are versatile and enduring. My main go to brand is Joie (pronounced zjwah) because I find it fun, effortless and able to transition nicely from event to event. I especially like that at my age I can feel age appropriate and on-trend at the same time. Joie is available online, in department stores and in its standalone boutiques. I prefer the boutique experience because you get to work with knowledgeable stylists who are in tune with the clothing and the customer.

Generally speaking, I can categorize my clothes in 3 ways: cool yet comfortable, work appropriate and then some and versatile dresses. A few weeks ago I took advantage of Joie’s 25% Friends and Family sale to come up with these three categorizable looks. One thing I should call out, I never ever pay full price for clothing. I am a sales and bargain hunter. The bigger the deal, the better. After all, find me a mom who’s not balancing a budget along with the endless chores, to dos, requests, grievances and all of the responsibility that goes along with having a job that is 24×7.

Cool Yet Comfortable

Park Skinny B Coated Pants

Eachann Cashmere Sweater in Chambray

Work Appropriate and Then Some

Jewels Silk Dress

Versatile Dresses

Aili Silk Dress

Photo Credit: Ferny Chung, @fernychungstudio

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