Out of My Comfort Zone: Clothing Edit

Out of My Comfort Zone: Clothing Edit

October marked another birthday for me. When you’re in your 40’s every birthday, every year counts. It feels like a slow march to even bigger and more meaningful age milestones. About a month before my birthday I committed to a more healthy food and drink routine which worked wonders for me mentally and physically. It made me think about other ways I could challenge myself in the new 40-something year I’d entered. Since I juggle a million and one things every day, I opted for a baby steps kind of challenge and pushed myself out of my comfort zone with my birthday clothing haul. I went with my brand of choice, Joie – ok, not so out of the zone there. BUT, I did push myself in terms of style. fabric and color choices. To further move myself out of my zone, I took a Saturday trip to Long Island City to explore what seems to be the new center of the NYC universe.

Ruffles, No Ridges

This cozy sweatshirt has quickly become my go to with jeans, casual pants and even sweats. The gray color is in no way a departure for me but the ruffles and added volume certainly are. Pair anything with Stan Smiths and you’re set. I have to say I’ve always been anti-white sneakers but Stans are irresistible!

Joie Agnia Sweater

Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

Wine and Cheese

I was apprehensive about this dress for a variety of reasons: 1) the bordeaux hue is non-existent in my current wardrobe 2) it’s got the ubiquitous cold shoulder cutouts – although they are modified from your standard cold shoulder and 3) there’s so much going on: flowers! ruffles! ruching! pintuck detail! I guess in the case of this dress “more is more” because I love it and I think it looks great…if I do say so myself! The taupe booties are a HUGE departure too. I don’t think I’ve bought shoes that were not black, gold or silver in eons!

Joie Arleth Silk Dress

Dolce Vita Cassius Suede Booties

Lacy, Not Racy

Having worn a school uniform for years, I think I have an aversion to white blouses. I’ll definitely bust out a white T or white sassy top in summer, but anything white and long sleeved is absent from my wardrobe. This blouse with delicate detailing and trip is a beautiful way to ease back into white. There also happens to be ruffles on the neck and the sleeves. I guess this post could have been about embracing ruffles!

Joie Jaelin Lace Top

Dolce Vita Cassius Suede Booties

Draped in Velvet

I remember owning some velvet pieces in the 90s. I had a black velvet dress and a hot pink blazer that were my go to pieces for weddings and special events. Oh, to be 20 again! Since then, I haven’t purchased anything in velvet except for a pair of hot pink chairs for our living room. I love a jogger and I would live in sweats if I could. These velvet joggers have all the feels. I’m not kidding. It’s true, buy them!

Joie Dyre Velvet Drawstring Joggers

AG Robyn Denim Jacket

Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

Photo Credit: Ferny Chung Studio

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