The NYC Guide for 9 Year-Old Boys (Downtown Edit)

The NYC Guide for 9 Year-Old Boys (Downtown Edit)

Manhattan is a much better place to raise a child than I ever thought it would be. Aside from minor frustrations (restaurants without high chairs, pedestrians who crowd the sidewalk corners so you can’t roll your stroller, people who don’t help with doors when you’re trying to roll said stroller in or out) and major frustrations (the price of EVERYTHING, getting into nursery school/camp/elementary school…generally, anything with an enrollment process or an application) raising Jack here has been relatively smooth.

There’s no shortage of things to do and places to go for kids in Manhattan especially if you have an adventurous child like Jack. For this guide we looked for places that could stand the test of time and hold a child’s interest as they evolve.

I can’t write a 9 year-old boy’s essentials list without a 9 year-old boy so I welcome guest-blogger Jack Toscano to Wonderstated!

Parks & Playgrounds:

“What I really like about Pier 51 Playground is that the equipment is good quality and I can bring my super soakers. At Horatio there’s a flat landscape that makes it good for using a scooter, skateboarding and playing basketball. The jungle gym area is good for all ages. The bathroom is a huge plus, but it’s not that clean. Washington Square offers great scenery and it’s fun. There are three separate playgrounds and the ice cream and hot dog stands are good.”

Fun & Games:

“The mini-golf at Pier 25 is so much fun. You play right on the water so you stay cool during hot days. It’s also fun to watch people playing beach volleyball on the sand courts. iPic is the best way to see a movie. You can get food delivered right to your seat. There’s a little button at your seat so you can ask for the waitress. Because it’s expensive, make sure you go to a really long movie. Chelsea Piers has everything from bowling to golf to ice-skating. It’s a good place to go when you’re not sure what you want to do. And the bus stops right by Chelsea Piers so you can get there easily.”

Art, Culture & History:

“The new Whitney Museum is so cool. The building has a lot of light and amazing views of the Hudson River and the buildings in the neighborhood. The art is good too! Theodore Roosevelt’s house shows you where he was born and lived. He was a great president and I like that we grew up in the same neighborhood. I like riding the Staten Island Ferry because you can see the Statue of Liberty and all of the buildings in downtown Manhattan. I can take the Ferry to visit my Grandma and Grandpa and see where my Mom grew up. I know it’s not technically art, culture or history but I didn’t know what other category to use.”

Food & Drink:

“There are so many places these are the places I could go to every day. Sushi is one of my favorite foods, so I go to Japonica whenever I can. I like to sit at the sushi bar so I can put a tip in the tip jar that looks like a mailbox. Dos Toros makes the best carnitas tacos. Get the green sauce because it has a little kick to it but isn’t too spicy. J.G. Melon makes delicious burgers and fries. I like to mix Tabasco into my ketchup and eat that with my fries. When I want ramen I go to Ippudo. You have to go early otherwise there is a long line. When you walk in the staff greets you by yelling something in Japanese. I wish I knew what they were saying. Baked by Melissa is one of my favorite dessert places. I usually try the mini of the month flavor but I can’t leave without my favorite, Tie-Dye. Vivi Bubble tea makes really good tapioca teas. My Mom always makes me get one with low sugar so I don’t have trouble falling asleep. It’s so cool how they run the tea through the machine to shake it, seal it and serve it.”

Retail Therapy:

“I like to stop and look around stores in the neighborhood when I’m on my way home from school. Forbidden Planet is the ultimate comic book store. It sells everything from statues to T-shirts to actual comics. Paragon has all the sports equipment you need. I like to look at the ski and skateboard gear. Kidding Around is a fun toy store where you can try a lot of the toys and games. It’s more expensive than buying toys in Target or on Amazon but I like that this is an independent business that has a big range of toys. Kikkerland and Flying Tiger are really fun because they have lots of unique toys and gadgets that you can’t find anywhere else.”

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    You do a great job! We look forward to your next article.

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